The Heritage of UK Chinese Kitchen Labourer 1950 – 1970 Project


Chesterfield Whitecotes Primary School
Learning Day at Whitecotes Primary School http://youtu.be/km6LcjO549w

Oral History Interviews
YouTube video for the interviews:

Oral History Skills Training http://youtu.be/2eDFyh6MHfQ

Student's Artwork Competition

http://youtu.be/3NJNdUBghm4 (Lee Kum Kee)
http://youtu.be/vDb9Jo9Z4q8 (Ms Tina Lee)
http://youtu.be/dbAT-GvW0XQ (Mr. Chang)
http://youtu.be/eHs513qnS50 (Mrs Chang)
http://youtu.be/BZ-hICi7Yo0 (Mrs. Ng)
http://youtu.be/xQ00GwJhAhU (Mr. Alex Chung)
http://youtu.be/xflI72Fp0e4 (Martin Ng)
http://youtu.be/peLNNfnh7Xk (Ms Fong Gui Lee)
http://youtu.be/uFMG1krwPso (Mrs Sau Ying Law)
http://youtu.be/wD_rUOXQG_8 (Mr. Sing Por Law)
http://youtu.be/5OnfaO44TJc (Uncle Kuen)
http://youtu.be/qwSBhRscqas (Mr. Wong) 
http://youtu.be/-uJHd0UqF_c  (Mr. Wong)

Project Exhibition

Early Beansprout Growing in the UK

Meeting with LKK

Ribbon Cutting and Certificate Presentation Ceremony http://youtu.be/0IbVUoMvBbM

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